Friends of Way of Life

 Ellen Holding, Graphic Designer  

Ellen is a former PLL participant and graphic designer with more than 30 years of experience. She recently launched her own graphic design business. Any logo you see on any of our websites or printed pieces, Ellen created it! She has a thoughtful ability to assimilate information and translate the important elements into a design that beautifully depicts the key message. Her life experiences allow her to incorporate great feeling and depth in her designs as well. 



Denise Myers, Photographer

Denise  is passionate about capturing moments. One hour with Denise and suddenly you see things you never knew where there. Denise teaches photography and donates countless hours to mission ministry work, photographing the needs and the joy of those around her. Senior portraits are a specialty. To learn more about Denise visit:



Martha Hedge, Newsletter 

Martha's background includes over 45 years in the ministry with her pastor husband.   She has worked full time in business, taught in public and private schools as a certified teacher, been a stay at home mom and served on church staffs.  Martha is a member of International Coach Federation and Christian Coaches Network. She has been trained by Professional Christian Coaching Institute.



Meet our other team members here.



Real change

happens to real people

real slow.

- Martha