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I hired Cheryl as my mentor/coach for my ACC qualifications. She was like a "skilled surgeon" who operated on me, the patient, who needed a lot of work. The great thing is, it didn't even hurt. I have never met a person so gifted in their profession. She will effortlessly identify areas that need improvement or growth, while encouraging and praising you for the things you do well. She is articulate and direct while being loving and supportive. No matter what your coaching needs are, Cheryl is simply the best!!!

- Steve Pope, ACC, Next Step Life Coaching 


I am so grateful that you did not just point me in the right direction - you helped me move in that direction. During my time with you as my mentor coach, I gained the confidence needed to advance my career as a life coach. As I coached you, your unique style of praising what I did well while pointing out areas still needing work served me well. You have such a gift for coaching and your commitment to my success as a life coach was certainly felt throughout my time with you. Working with you has been one of the best investments I've made in my business!

Thanks again Cheryl...you are a treasure!

 - Linda


I took a coaching skills development class with Cheryl as the instructor. Wow! I learned so much! Cheryl's pacing during direct instruction was quick, which is essential when teaching a class via telebridge. Cheryl was professional but direct in her feedback. It was evident she was committed to our growth as coaches and encouraged us as she identified these areas of need. She helped us develop confidence as well as improve our skills. I am amazed at how "spot on" her feedback always was! I looked forward to class each week and hope I have the opportunity to take another class with Cheryl in the future!

Donna S. Magee



My mentor coaching with Cheryl were a huge benefit as I finished my coaching training program. She was affirming yet challenged me in continued growth and new perspectives. Cheryl is truly gifted at asking powerful questions and opening new insights as she works with you. I see Cheryl as a huge asset to the coach training process. She was able to bring my certificate training to a close in a way that I feel ready to launch my career well. Because of her experience, she is able to speak into all the many questions that new and practicing coaches have.

JoAnn Kraft
Life Journeys Coaching



I recently finished a 20-hour Coaching Skills Development course taught by Cheryl Scanlan. Cheryl is an amazing coach and teacher! She models great coaching, living and demonstrating consistently the epitome of coaching at its best. I appreciated her "painfully honest" approach as she evaluated my coaching and constantly challenged me to improve. She opened my eyes to nuances of coaching that I would've otherwise missed. Cheryl also always conducted herself in a Christlike and professional manner. It was truly a privilege to learn from her! 

Rob Fischer
Fischer Leadership Coaching



Cheryl has the unique coaching skills to ignite transformation that will lead to accelerated performance. She has a servants heart that always seeks the best in her clients but has the touch to get to the bottom line that will break through the barriers! Thank you Cheryl for challenging me to become a better business coach.

Len Strickler
Break Through Coaching & Consulting



"As my mentor coach, Cheryl asks insightful questions that help me gain new perspectives for my life and my coaching business. Cheryl's active listening is by far her most valuable asset as a coach. I have learned more about coaching from her than any coaching book I have ever read. She embodies the idea of mentor coaching and I never leave a coaching session without new tools for my coaching toolbox."

- Lizzie Branch




Cheryl Scanlan has been my mentor coach for almost 3 years. She has successfully helped me with: my skills as a coach, my struggles and challenges in running a successful coaching practice, and my personal life difficulties! I consider my time with Cheryl to be responsible for 75% of what has helped me get where I am today! Cheryl is a God send and TOTALLY worth her fees! You will not find another coach who will be as passionate about you and your success!

- Laura-Catherine Etheridge, CPLC


Cheryl gave me some tools to enhance my listening skills which has proven to be very valuable to me as an individual and to my organization as an executive. I also have spent a large amount of my time developing leaders for companies and often I have felt that I had to own the success of the person I was coaching. Through Way of Life Coaching, I was able to see the value of the person taking ownership for their success and this has been a healthy change for me and my team.

- Joe Humphries

Cheryl Scanlon is an authentic coach. She is in her sweet spot when she coaches. As a mentor coach, Cheryl is absolutely encouraging as I seek to build bridges with difficult people in work, ministry, and community situations. Cheryl is a coach who can listen at a deeper level to the underlying issues and call it like it is. She is continually able to draw out the best within me. I am making great gains in developing my coaching skills as I witness her ability to stay in the moment with me.

- Rev. Vicki Sielaff, M.S.Ed.



Cheryl Scanlan's qualities include brilliance, affability, exceptional skills in coaching and immediately relatable. The questions she chooses to ask are an obvious response to actively listening to her client. Cheryl offers questions that are captivating and she then allows space for thinking and contemplation before expecting an answer. She doesn't lead the conversation but she certainly engages the conversation. Sessions with Cheryl are energizing, stimulating and useful. In a recent coaching session she skillfully acknowledged the urgency pulling at me. As we unpacked the dialogue I realized this coaching session was perhaps the most important session I had ever experienced with a coach. I believe the topic was so important the results were not only life-changing but life-giving. I highly recommend her ministry.
 - Karen Yancey
Network Development Director
Life and Talent Management Coach


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